Blog Post Number 7: Purple Architecture

Hello purple lovers! Welcome back to Simply Purple, my blog on everything you need to know about everything purple. Today’s blog is slightly different than usual; for today, I take on the lofty topic of purple architecture. Although in the past I’ve been quite odious on the topic of architecture, I feel incorporating purple into it will help me see past it’s mars.

Now as usual, I couldn’t get all this information by myself. Luckily, I found an amazing website to cater to my every need WITHOUT having to dispose my wrath upon my computer. The website is as follows:

Although not EVERYTHING on this website is purple, it does contain a lot of purple designs, paintings etc.

The first thing I did on the website was click on portfolio, which took me obviously to a page with many images including purple designs and architecture. One piece of artwork and design that my love for it never wanes is purple flowers! Flowers in general have a great way of making any room any room come alive whether they’re on a painting or not. But they fact that they’re purple only increases my passion even further!

Another theme of design that could make any lamentable soul light up is lighting! Think about it for a bit. If the colour of any light is different it changes the whole entire mood of the area around you! I for one would be extremely happy to have every light I encounter be purple. Hey, dreaming is believing right?

Speaking of dreaming, another element of design I MUST have always in my room is pillows! I mean, every mortal sleeps, so you might as well make it comfortable! One of the pictures on the website has a bed with many purple pillows on it. The only thing that gives me vexation is the fact that all the pillows are the same! If you want to create an artistic impression, mix it up a bit! Nothing is more beautiful than being creative! And if you’re not a creative person, start small, like designing your room.

Remember, just because purple is my favourite colour doesn’t mean its yours! I beseech you to embrace your love for your favourite colour and feel free to show it off! I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog post today, I know I have. So remember to be yourself, because everyone else is already taken! Adieu!


Blog Post 6: The History of Purple!

Pink: Simple

Red: Compound

Green: Complex

Blue: Compound complex

Welcome back purplers! I hope you enjoyed my poem last week on my journey with this purple blog. I must say, today I wasn’t really quite sure what to write my blog about, but in the end I came up with a topic. Today I’m going to explain the history of purple and how important it was to people in history as it is to me.

One website I found was incredibly useful was

This website not only gives information about purple but other colours too.

To start things off, the Greek origin of purple was actually called porphyra which was directly the dye that was used to create the colour. The end result was a bit more reddish than what we interpret purple as now.  For a long time the different names of purple referred to the dye, not the actual colour. The Ancient Romans called it purpura, and it was worth so much at the time that it was worth it’s weight in silver! This meant only people of royalty and riches could wear purple clothing. Well, now of course that isn’t the case. Purple is now a common everyday colour. In the middle ages, people started creating a more bluish redish dye which is a lot more similar to our interpretation of purple today. It wasn’t until the 14th century that people started referring to purple as the actual colour.

Now even though History in itself is something I do not enjoy studying, the history of purple is one I could talk about all day if I had the facts.  I guess it’s like that with whatever you like.Whenever something you like is incorporated with something you really don’t like at all, I guess you see it in a different way. I never really saw history as a story as much as I did today. Maybe it’s because I’m imagining it differently. Or maybe it’s because I just love talking about purple! Whatever the case, I’m glad my views on History have slightly changed. If only History teachers could incorporate purple into EVERYTHING they teach. I’d certainly get much better grades!

I hope you have found my blog today incredibly interesting as I know I have. I feel it’s important to know about things you like. So as usual, have an extremely purple week! Be happy, be fun, be purple!

In this post I used a lot of simple sentences. I think I need to improve upon myself how to write more complicated sentences. I barely used comound complex which I should. Next time I need to think of more complicated things to say.

Blog Post Number 5: Ode to Purple

Once upon a time

There was a girl with an obsession

She loved all things purple

They were her most prized possessions.


Ever since she could remember

The colour made her cheery

“Purple is incredible”

Was her life-long theory


No one could understand

This girl’s strange passion

How it matched her personality

And her every single fashion


They eventually got used to it

Even though they’d never understand

How she incorporated purple

Into every task at hand


“When I see you, I think purple”

Is what everybody said

They finally understood

How purple would never leave her head


But then one day

Her English teacher explained

Create a blog about your passion,

Do not feel restrained”


So of course, the girl decided

To write her blog about lavender

And lilac and mulberry

And all the  puprle’s she could gather



But, no one had faith in her

They couldn’t comprehend

A topic so simple

Was bound to a bitter end


She was surely going to fail

No one could doubt

But she had to keep believing

That she could work it out


She tried and struggled and

Fought and persisted

And worked till she collapsed

Through it all, unassisted


She had to make this work

She needed to prove them wrong

Their unsupportiveness

Had gone on for too long


And in the end she did it

She finally achieved

What people said she couldn’t

What nobody believed


Some called it an achievement

Others called it a victory

Whatever the title was

It should go down in history


So the tale of the girl with the passion

Is drawn now to close

You might think you know her

She’s really right under your nose.

Blog Post Number 4: The Benefits of Purple Food

Welcome back purple lovers! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Easter holiday, and that you’re ready for more purple than ever before! Today I’m combining two of the things I love the most; purple and food! Believe it or not, purple foods have many beneficial nutrients in them which nobody really notices. So, in an effort to inform you and make you notice these crucial benefits, I’m going to list the nutrients within a variety of different purple fruits and vegetables.

Now I must admit, before I was inspired to write this blog, I knew nothing about this topic! Luckily I found a couple of valuable articles on it which you can view by clicking on the following links below:–five-health-benefits-of-purple-foods

The first purple food I’ll be talking about are blueberries. Despite this fruit’s name, blueberries are considered purple, and contain a lot of health benefits too. Did you know that blueberries help you lose weight? Neither did I. They contain quite a bit of antioxidants which help reduce how much food you crave and lower your cholesterol! The most interesting thing I read about blueberries is that they “slow aged-related memory loss”. Who knew such a tiny fruit could do so much?

The next purple fruits on my list of healthiness are plums and prunes. Plums have a lot of nutrient benefits and contain many vitamins such as C, A, and B2. Plums are also a great source of fiber and potassium. Prunes on the other hand, help lower blood pressure and the cholesterol that is bad for you. Both of these fruits have great nutrients that protect you from harm.

Now let’s move on to vegetables. I find purple potatoes incredibly fascinating because of their incredible hue. Not only are they gorgeous, but they’re a great source of Vitamin C, Carbohydrates, potassium, folic acid, iron. They also have a huge amount of antioxidants.  Another vegetable that provides beneficial nutrients is purple cabbage. Purple cabbage is said to help build a healthy brain, heart, and it acts as a fat burner. It also has over 35 antioxidants, many of which give huge amounts of health. Maybe I should eat more purple potatoes and cabbage.

All my research today has proven that purple should not be overlooked just as a colour. It’s a symbol of healthy foods that help kill cancer, are good for your liver and heart, and they are ulcer fighters. I was amazed when I read about the different benefits purple foods have. I didn’t know there was so much beyond just its colour.  So the next time you see purple food, remember how it could benefit you, and give you a healthier life. Have a great week guys and remember; be happy, be fun, be purple!

Blog Post Number 3: Movie’s With Purple In The Title!

Hey, hey hey! Welcome back you ardent bloggers!  I hope you’ve been having a tremendously colourful week (well, typically a purple one) and I hope you’re ready for this week’s exhilaratingly purple post. Today I will be discussing the trailers of the three most popular movies with purple in the title! I haven’t seen any of these movies before, so my opinion won’t be predisposed, and I am solely basing these reviews on the trailer’s Youtube has to offer.


Starting us off is “The Color Purple” directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey.  Well at the beginning of the trailer after the titles explained who it’s directed and written by, it displays a girl sitting and reading, and a narrator talking about how it’s “An American Story for the whole world”.  It’s a very intense way to start off a trailer, I must admit, but what does he mean? Is it a story we can all relate to? Or is it just one that will entertain everyone? And where was the purple? Isn’t it called the Color Purple? Just as this thought struck my mind, a picturesque field full of lovely purple flowers popped up with jubilant children running around in the back. But just as I was soaking in the dazzling view, the scene changed. This time the narrator was talking about how we will always remember the different characters in the movie. This particularly perplexed me because how are we supposed to remember the characters in a movie we don’t even know about? This trailer failed to explain to the viewer what the movie was actually about. AND WHERE WAS THE PURPLE?!?!?!? The only indication I got of the actual colour purple was the field of flowers and the title. The lack of this astonishing colour disappointed me, considering the title implied that’s what the movie would be about. I suppose in a way the trailer is smart because it makes the viewer want to actually watch the movie so they know what it’s about-I know I certainly do! All in all, this movie does have the ability to have a very good plot, but the trailer does need to have some fine-tuning done to it.


The second movie I’m reviewing today is “The Purple Rose of Cairo”. The trailer starts off with some extremely beguiling jazz music that just makes you want to keep watching. As your inquisitiveness causes you to continue watching, you realize that this movie is about a character who jumps out of a cinema screen, meets a girl, falls in love with her, and asks her to go to Cairo with him, the city where he was in the movie. I was pondering why this movie had its title, but I learned later in the trailer that when the main character was in the movie, he was searching for the legendary Purple Rose of Cairo. I can’t help but marvel what this rose actually looks like. Would it have killed the producer to include at least a glimpse of purple in the trailer? Other than that, this movie seems really interesting. I’d definitely watch it.

The last movie I reviewed which I don’t really have much to say about, is “Purple Rain” the biography of prominent pop star, Prince. Purple Rain is actually a song by Prince, so I had to do a little bit more research. It turns out; Purple Rain has NOTHING to do with purple rain! It greatly aggravates me when artists title a song something that has nothing to do with the actual meaning of the song! Could it really have been so hard for Prince to sing a song about something purple? He’s so famous, I’m sure it wouldn’t have mattered if it had meaning or not. Besides that, I’m sure Prince’s biography would be incredibly interesting, and I would watch it. But more purple would be nice.


Today’s post has been quite an amusing one actually! Many people have been wondering how I can keep a blog about purple going on for so long, and I simply tell them that when you’re passionate about something, you can’t run out of things to say about it! Keep that in mind this week as you go about your usual lifecycle. Until next time, be happy, be fun, be purple!!

Blog Post Number 2: My Top 5 Purple O.P.I Nail Polishes

Hey bloggers! Welcome back to “Simply Purple”! I hope your past week has been filled with happiness, joy and most of all; purple! Today is an exciting post for all you girls, and even if you’re guy it doesn’t hurt to learn something new. So keep on reading!

Today I’m going to be discussing O.P.I’s contribution to a purple world! Now, I am very adamant about the fact that O.P.I is an amazing nail polish company. It’s bright vibrant colours and humorous names are enough to make ANYONE jocund. Today I’m going to be reviewing all the purple O.P.I nail polishes that interest me. Now I must admit, before I decided to talk about this, I was ignorant about the different shades of purple that O.P.I has to offer. So I visited their website ( and found out all the information I needed to, and I must say, I was dumbfounded at how remarkable nail polish’s such as these could even be palpable.  Below are my reviews for my top 5 favourite purple O.P.I nail polishes.

*Note: These are my personal favourite, it’s all a matter of opinion. If you like some other colours, please feel free to explain in a comment.

Nail Polish Number 5: “Lucky Lucky Lavender”

Ah sweet sweet lavender. Well as you can see lavender is a very light shade of purple. It could easily be mistaken for pink, but I’m sure the lightness depends on how many coats you apply. Lavender is a lovely shade of purple which gives you a playful feel that could never subside. All in all I think it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Picture from:



Nail Polish Number 4: “Do You Lilac It?”

This colour I think is very sophisticated. It’s not too dark, or too light, and the interesting shade keeps it from seeming too bleak.  It is a lovely nail polish colour, perfect for any occasion.

Picture from:


Nail Polish Number 3: “Dutch Ya Just Love O.P.I?” (Holland Collection)

All I can say is WOW! This is such an interesting colour, so dark and mysterious, yet beautiful at the same time. It sort of leaves you with these ponderous thoughts because of its darkness. This really is an incredible colour.

Picture from:

Nail Polish Number 2: “Superbass Shatter” (Nicki Minaj Collection)

Please note that the Superbass shatter is the purple on top of the pink. The reason I chose this to be in my top 5 is because I think O.P.I’s shatter’s are just incredible, and the fact that there is now a purple one, makes me happier than you can even imagine! To use the shatter you first apply as many coats as you want of any colour you want to your nails. You wait for that to dry then you put one coat of the shatter, and watch it to crackle! It’s unfathomable how this works, but all I know is that once it’s done, you have a great effect on your nails that you are ready to go out and flaunt!

Picture from:

And now, for my absolute favourite purple O.P.I…..

Nail Polish Number 1: “Purple With a Purpose”!!!

This nail polish colour is great! I actually own it, so from previous experience I can guarantee it’s incredible! It looks like this with just one coat, and keeps it’s incredible shine for as long as you wish! The thing that really appeals to me about this colour is how metallic it is. There’s something about a metallic nail polish that is just alluring. I really like this nail polish, and it is by far, my favourite.

Picture from:

I hope you have enjoyed me ranting on about my favourite O.P.I colours. Stay tuned for next time when I review movies with purple in the title! Until then remember: Be happy, be fun, be purple!!

Blog Post Number 1: The Different Shades of Purple

Welcome back to Simply Purple, a blog where each post brings you closer to a completely purple world. Since this is my first post, I wanted it to be a sort of introduction to purple. Today I’m going to explain to you the different shades of purple.  Knowing these shades will help you readers to understand how amazing purple really is and how it’s more than you’ve ever imagined.

Now you probably think there aren’t THAT many shades of purple, but indeed, there actually are. As you all know, purple is a mixture of red and blue, but the amount of each of the latter, varies depending on the shade. There’s also a lot of science to do with it, including things like the pigment and the wavelength of the shade. For example, according to colour theory, Violet is not a shade of purple because it has a shorter wavelength of blue, whereas purple is a combination of red and blue. Some lighter shades of Violet are considered purple, but the standard one located in the rainbow, isn’t. See, I bet you didn’t know that! But don’t worry; we’re just getting started on the hard hitting facts.

According to Wikipedia, purple was not on Newton’s colour wheel which went from violet to red, but now is on modern colour wheels. Imagine if purple wasn’t on any wheel at all! Oh the horror…. Without purple, so many of the world’s most beautiful flowers wouldn’t exist! Thistles, Orchids, Heliotrope’s, Phlox’s and so many more! All these beautiful flowers wouldn’t have their legendary hues that make them what they are. See, purple really is important.

Purple is very important, but so are all the different shades of it. According to About dot com, Amethyst, Eggplant, Indigo, Lavender, Lilac, Magenta (fuchsia), Mauve, Mulberry, Orchid, Plum, Pomegranate, Puce, Royal, Thistle and Light Violet, are all the different shades of purple. That’s a lot of different shades!  Not to mention how some of them could be lighter or darker depending on when they are used. That’s more shades then I even knew existed!

Now that you know the different shades of purple, it will be easier and much more interesting for you to read my other posts. Purple really is a fantastic colour and I hope you’ve started to realize that by now. Till next time my fellow colour lovers! And remember, Be happy, Be fun, Be purple!